Firsts in Chhattisgarh State- At a Glance

Firsts in Chhattisgarh state ( At a Glance ) – Hello friends, are you searching Firsts in Chhattisgarh state? Don’t worry we will tell about this through this article. This article is fully based on upcoming Chhattisgarh govt exams. From the topic “Firsts in Chhattisgarh state,” one or two questions regularly asked in government exams. Therefore we request our all aspirants that please read and remember this article for conforming your one or two numbers in exams. Let’s start the article:-

Firsts in Chhattisgarh State – At a Glance

  • First Governor of Chhattisgarh – Sri Dinesh Nandan Sahay
  • Second Governor of the Chhattisgarh – Retd. Lt. Gen. K. M. Seth
  • First Vidhan Sabha Chairman of Chhattisgarh – Sri Rajendra Prasad Shukl
  • First Chief Minister of the Chhattisgarh – Sri Ajit Pramod Kumar Jogi
  • Second Chief Minister of the Chhattisgarh – Dr. Raman Singh
  • First State Election Officer of Chhattisgarh- Sri Ajai Kumar Singh
  • First State Chief Secretary of Chhattisgarh – Sri Arun Kumar
  • The First D.G.P. of State police – Sri Mohan Shukl
  • First Chief Forest Conservator – Sri Ramesh Chandra Sharma
  • First Leader of the opposition, who took oath in state Vidhan Sabha – Sri Nand Kumar Sahay
  • The First member of Vidhan Sabha who took an oath – Sri Brij Mohan Agarwal
  • M.L.A. who took oath in Sanskrit – Sri Nand Kumar Sai
  • First M.L.A. Who resignes from membership – Sri Ram Dayal Udake
  • First time Chairman of vidhan Sabha – Sri Mahendra Bahadur Singh
  • First Acting Chief Justice of High Court – Sri R.S. Garg
  • First Chief Justice of High Court – Sri W. A. Shaishak
  • Second Chief Justice of High Court – Sri Som Sundram Vanketchal Murti
  • First Chairman of the State Public Service Commission – Sri Mohan Shukl.
  • The first chairman of Kishan Ayog – Sri Ghana Ram Sahu
  • The first chairman of Youth Commission – Sri Arun Bora
  • First Chairman of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Commission – Sri Rajendra Pambhoi
  • First Chairman of Women Commission – Sri Hemwant Porte
  • The First Chairman of Human Rights Commission – Sri K.M. Agarwal
  • Founder of the Co-operatives in the state – Pt. Vaman Rao Lakhe
  • First newspaper of the Chhattisgarh – Chhattisgarh Mitra
  • Founder of the Journalism in the state – Sri Madhav Rao Lakhe
  • First leader of the state who became the chief minister of the state – Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukl (Madhya Pradesh)
  • First leader of the state who became the governor of the state – E. Raghvendra Rao (Madhya Paresh)
  • First Literary person of the state who first used the word Chhattisgarh – Poet Sri Dalpat Ram Rao
  • First concept of the formation of Chhattisgarh state – Pt. Sunder Lal Sharma
  • First Immolator of the state – Sri Bir Narayan Singh
  • The First Daily newspaper of the state – Mahakaushal
  • First Radio Relay Center of the state – Raipur
  • Founder of Kabeer Panth of the state – Sri Dhani Dharam Das
  • First cement factory in the state – Jamul ( Durg)
  • First film producer of the state: Manu Nayak
  • The First film made in the Folk language of the state – Khai-dave Sandesh
  • First nominated women minister of the state – Padmawati Devi
  • Leader of the state, who represented in Central Government for a long time – Sri Vidya Charan Shukl
  • The oldest temple of Chhattisgarh – Deorani – Jethani (Talagaon Bilaspur)
  • First University of the state – Indra Art and Music University
  • First College of the state – Chhattisgarh College
  • M.P. For longer period from Chhattisgarh – V. C. Shukl

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