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Hello Friends, Are you searching the Main industries of Chhattisgarh state? This topic is very useful for all competitive exams such as GGPSC, Cgforest, Cgpolice, and more. From an industrial point of view, Chhattisgarh is a prosperous state. Here plenty of natural resources are available for industrial development. Following are the main industries of Chhattisgarh state:-

Iron and Steel Industry

Iron and Steel Industry is a basic industry. Bhilai is the only place where the iron steel plant is located. This plant is 21 km west on the Durg-Raipur rail route. This plant was established in 1955 with Indo-Russian collaboration.

The production in the plant was started in Feb. 1959. For the above plant, iron-ore is received from Dalli Rajhara ranges, 32 km away from the plant. Coking coal is obtained from Jharia and Korba mines and washing coal is obtained from Kargali, Patherdeeh, and Dugdha refineries. The power is obtained from Korba thermal power station, while freshwater is obtained from Tandula and Gori canals limestone from Durg, Raipur and Bilaspur districts, dolomite from Bhubaneshwar, Kasondi, Parsoda, Kharia, and Hardi.

Industries located in the state by Central Public Sector Industries, state public sector, and Agriculture Industrial Corporation-

  1. South-Eastern Railway Wagon Workshop, Raipur.
    Nature of work—Repairing of goods train Wagon.
  2. Bhilai Steel Plant (Messers Hindustan Steel Ltd.) Bhilai Nagar, Durg.
    Production—Pig iron and Steel.
  3. Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd. Korba.
    Established-27th Nov. 1965.
  4. Mandhar Cement Works (Cement Corporation of India) Mandhar, Raipur
    Established — 1970-71 Raipur.
    Production—Portland Cement.
  5. Bengal —Nagpur Cotton Mills Ltd. Rajnand-gaon.
    Production—Cotton cloth and thread.
  6. South-Eastern coal field Ltd.—Bilaspur.
  7. Agriculture-implements, Bhilai—Durg.
    Production—Agriculture implements.
  8. Raigarh Paper and Board Mill—Raigarh.
    Production— Straw-Board.
  9. Cashew refining unit —Bastar.
    Production—Cashew Processing.
  10. Panjar Plant —Raipur.
    Production—Nourishing material.
  11. Fruit processing—Raigarh.
    Production—Squash, Ketchup, and Beverage.
  12. Korba-Super manual Power Station —Korba.
  13. Bhilai—Refractories Plant —Bhilai-Durg.
    Production—Fire clay bricks manufacturing.

3 Ovan furnaces, 3 flame furnaces, 6 open furnaces, and 4 rolling mills are working at Bhilai Steel Plant, in which Rail-lines, Rods, Sleepers, etc. are prepared.

Aluminium Industry

Here Bauxite is found in abundance, hence there is no problem in Aluminium Industry. Govt. of India has established an Aluminium factory at BALCO in Korba district of the state. This factory was established in 1965. There are three sections of this plant—
(a) Aluminum Plant—Here the Aluminium power is made from Bauxite.,
(b) Smelting Plant—Here Aluminium is made from Aluminium power.,
(c) Fabrication Plant—Here the melting metal is given a different shape. The total production capacity of the Korba plant at present is 4 lac tonnes ( 2 lac tonnes from Aluminium plant and one lac tonnes each from smelting plant and fabrication plants). But the total production is decreasing since 1998-99 the total production of the plant was 91.8 thousand metric tonnes.

Cement Industries

The cement industry is another important industry in Chhattisgarh state.

Important Cement Factories—At a Glance Establishment Production
S/No Name Place and District Establishment Year Production Capicity (In Lac M.T.)
1 Associated Cement Co. Limited Jasool (Durg) 1965 13.80
2 Century Cement Baikunthpur (Raipur) 1975 8.00
3 Cement Corporation of India Mandhar (Raipur) 1970 3.80
4 Cement Corporation of India Akaltara (Janjgir) 1982 400
5 Raymond Cement Gopal Nagar (Bilaspur) 1983 1.2
6 Kelkar Production Pvt. Limited Bhoopdevpur (Raigarh) 3.3
7 Jai Bajrang Cement Pvt. Limited Bastar 2.51
8 J.K. Cement Limited Nevra-Tilda 1975 6.00

Jamul Cement Plant

This factory was established at Durg in 1965 by Associated Cement Company (A.C.C.). ‘Port land Vattya furnace Slag Cement’ is produced io this factory by modem dry method. Beside the Limestone which is obtained from the nearby factory ‘Slag’ of Bhilai Steel Plant is also used in this factory.

Mandhar Cement Factory

The original factory was established in 1970, 15 km away from Raipur at Mandhar. This factory is working under the ownership of Public Sector undertaking Cement Corporation of India. Here the ordinary Portland Cement and Vattya furnace Slag Cement is produced-through Wet techno-logical methods.

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Akaltara Cement Factory

This factory was established by Cement Corporation of India in 1982 at nearly 5 km south of Akaltara Railway Station.

Cotton Textile Industry

The Bengal-Nagpur-Cotton textile mill was established in 1862 by the then the ruler of Rajnandgaon. For this factory, cotton is obtained from Khargon, Ujjain, and Burhanpur of Madhya Pradesh, Nagpur, Amrawati, and Mumbai from Maharashtra and from Ahmedabad of Gujarat. Here Poplin, Longelothe Dothi, Sari, Blanket, and Mosquito nets are manufactured.

Jute Industry

There is only one Jute mill, established in 1935 at Raigarh. Here Jute raw material is obtained from nearby areas of Odisha, Bihar. Here Coir Bags and other raw materials are manufactured.

Straw Board Factory

With the collaboration of the corporation, a straw board factory has been established in a joint sector at Raigarh. Its production capacity is 25 tonnes per Day.

Other Industries

At Jagdalpur, Kondo Gaon and Narayanpur, wood based industries are found. At Jagdalpur Kosta tribe manufactures Kosa cloth. Raigarh, Champa and Bilaspur are other places where Rosa silk is made.

Bidl industry is flourishing on a large scale. Here Bristal and Panama brand cigarettes are made at Bristal in Raipur and at Panama in Durg.

At Kunthari in between Raipur and Bhilai Dhararn Singh Morarji chemical factory was established in 1961 which manufactures Super phosphate, Sulphuric acid Aluminium Sulphate and Cloro-sulphate.

Beside these South-Eastern Railway wagon workshop (Raipur), Belladella Iron-project Ltd. Baccheli (Jagdalpur); Bharat-Petroleum corporation (Durg). Steel Authority of India LW. (burg), Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (Raipur) are the other public sector industries.

Forest Based Industries

Bidi Industry —Raipur, Bilaspur, Rajnand-gaon, Dhamtari, Raigarh, and Durg.
Wood Straw Industry—Raipur. Dhamtari, Mahasamund, Bilaspur, Durg, Sarguja, and Rajnandgaon.
Kattha Production—Wood product Sarguja.
Harra Factory —Dhamtaxi and Raipur.
Paper Industry—Jagdalpur (Proposed).

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