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Major Rivers of Chhattisgarh

River Description


1. it is the most important river of the Chhattisgarh state.
2. it is also known as the lifeline of Chhattisgarh.
3. The total length of this river is 851 km in which 286 Km flows in Chhattisgarh.
4. The river Mahanadi emerges from Shrangi mount situated in Siwaha Tehsil of Dhamtari district. The river flows from North to East and merges with the Bay of Bengal near Cuttack.
5. Shivnath, Peri and Hasdo are its tributaries.

Shivnath River

1. This is the second important river of Chhattisgarh state.
2. It emerges from Panabaras range situated at the height of 625 meters, at Ambagarh Tehsil in Rajnandgaon district.
3. It is the main river flowing from Durg and Rajnandgaon and merges with Mahanadi at Shiv Narayan.
4. Maniyari, Lilanagar, Apra, Kharoon, and Surhi are its tributaries.

Peri River
1. It is the main River of district Raipur.
2. it emerges from Bhatragarh range near Brindranavagarh in district Raipur.
3. It merges with Mahanadi at Rajim.
Hasdo River 1. It is an important river of Kobra and Champa region.
2. It emerges from Kaimur ranges in Koriya district.
3. it merges with Mhanadi near Shiv Narain.


1. This river is 525 km (Roughly 329 miles long).
2. It emerges from Donger-Kala range at Yuamal Rampur place of Kalahandi district in Odisha.
3. River Indravati flows 372 Km in Bastar, nearly 30 small distributaries are its tributaries.
4. Sankhini, Dankni, Kotari, Nibbra, Madin, Dantewara and Mander are its tributaries.
5. It merges with Godawari near Bhopalpattanam.

Arpa River

1. It is the main river of district Bilaspur.
2. It emerges from Khondri range of Pendra plateau.
3. Its length is 180 kilometre.
4. Kharang is its main tributary.
5. This river merges with Shivnath river at Matiyari Mangla (Villah).

Maniyari River
1. It is an important river of Bilaspur district.
2. It originates from Mukhanda heel of Kund and Lorami Lorami areas in Belpan region.
3. its length is 102 kilometre.
4. After crossing the Mungali Tehsil, it merges with Shivnath river.

Half Nadi
1. It emerges from Pandariya hills.
2. Its length is 128 kilometre.
3. River Sakri is its tributary.
4. In district Durg it merges with Shivnath river
Lilagar River 1. It emerges from Eastern ranges of Korba district.
2. Mainly the river irrigates Bilaspur and Raigarh districts.
3. It merges with river Shivnath.

Eb River

1. It emerges from Kharuja ranges of Pendrapat plateau at Jashpoor Nagar.
2. Mainly this river drains in Jashpoor and Raigarh districts.
3. Siri river in the east and Dorki, Maini and Khorang in the west are its tributaries.
Other Rivers
Zonk The main river of district Raipur usually flows in Baloda-Bazar Tehsil.
Kotri It originates from Durg District, it also drains in Bastar.
Sabri It is the main river of the southern part of Bastar.
Bagh This river emerges from Kulzhari range of Rajnandgaon districts. Mainly it drains the western part of Ranjandgaon district.
Tandula This river emerges from northern range situated at Bhanupratappur in district Kanker. Mainly the river drains Durg district.
Mad It emerges from the northern part of Mainpat plateau of Sarguja district. The river drains mainly Sarguja and Raigarh districts. It merges with Mahanadi near Chandrapur.

Main Cities and Towns of Chhattisgarh situated on the banks of rivers

Cities/ Towns River
Bilaspur Arpa
Jagadalpur Indravati
Durg Shivnath
Raipur Kharoon
Champa Hasdo
Korba Hasdo
Shivri Narayan Mahanadi
Rajim Mahanadi
Sirpur Mahanadi
Raigarh Koilo
Barsoor Indravati
Kanker Doodh Nadi
Kondagav Narangi
Konta Sabri
Dantewara Dankin-Shankhini

Some important questions related to Major Rivers of Chhattisgarh

Q.- Which river known as the lifeline of Chhattisgarh?

Ans.- Mahanadi

Q.- Which is the long river of Chhattisgarh?

Ans.- Mahanadi

Q.- Which is the second important river of Chhattisgarh state?

Ans:- Shivnath River

Q.- Which is the main River of district Raipur?

Ans:- Peri River

Q.- Which is the main river of district Bilaspur.

Ans.- Arpa River

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