Main Wild Life and National Parks of Chhattisgarh

Due to forest area in Chhattisgarh, Wildlife is found in abundance in Chhattisgarh. There are 3 Nationals parks and 11 Sanctuaries in Chhattisgarh. The biggest national park of Chhattisgarh state is Sanjay National Park. Now the name of Sanjay national park is Sri Guru Ghasi Das National Park.

The biggest sanctuary of the Chhattisgarh state is Tomar Pinjla (Sarguja) with an area of 608.52 Km2. The smallest sanctuary is Badalkhol (Raigarh) with an area of 104.35 Km2.

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The maximum number of peacocks is found in Udanti Sanctuary, Raipur. Maximum number of Monkeys, Son Dog, Chital are found in Baranvapara sanctuary.

A maximum number of Tigers are found in Achankamar sanctuary. Indravati National Park, Dantewada is the Tiger project national park of Chhattisgarh.

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The maximum number of leopards is found in Sitanadi Sanctuary, Chamories, Baranvapara, Buffalo in Udanti sanctuary, and Neel-Cow in Tomar-Pingla sanctuary.

Chital is the wildlife animal found in the national park and sanctuary of Chhattisgarh. In Kanker Vally National Park of Jagadalpur, there are stalactite caves. From 1982, there is a restriction of hunting wildlife animals.

Main Wild Life and National Parks of Chhattisgarh in a Short View

S/No National Park / Sanctuaries Area Km2 District Main Wild Life
1 Indravati 1258 Dantewada Tiger. Leopard, Wild Buffalo, Chital, Deer, Dog
2 Kanger Ghati 200 Bastar Tiger, Leopard, Chital, Maina
3 Sanjay (Guru GhasiDas National Park) 2898.70 Sarguja/
Tiger, Leopard, Neel Cow
4 Udanti 247.57 Raipur Tiger. Leopard, Wild Buffalo, Chital, Bear. Wild Pig
5 Achankamar 551.55 Bilaspur Tiger, Leopard, Chita, Chamois, Bear Wild Pig
6 Tamor Pingla 608.52 Sarguja Tiger, Leopard, Chamois, Bear, Chital, Neel Cow
7 Sitanadi 555.55 Dhamtari Tiger, Leopard, Chamois, Chital
8 Semarsot 430.36 Sarguja Tiger, Leopard, Chamois, Bear, etc.
9 Pameda 262 Dantewada Wild Buffalo
10 Gomarda 411.20 Raigarh Leopard, Chamois, Bear, Chital
11 Baranwapara 244.66 Raipur Tiger, Leopard, Chamois, Son dog, Bear, Deer, Monkey
12 Bhainun garb 139 Dantewada Tiger, Leopard, Chamois, Bear, etc.
13 Badalkhol 104.55 Jashpur Tiger, Leopard, Chamois, Bear, etc.
14 Bhoramdev 163.80 Kabirdham Tiger, Chamois, Bear, etc.

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